A note from Molly Smith, our co-founder, about the March on Washington for Gun Control:

“The March was outstanding. It was a clear day in DC but our hearts were warm. More than 6,000 people marched and rallied. Speakers were brilliant from the secretary of Education Arne Duncan to Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton who brought down the house with a barnstormer of a speech. Performers from the area theaters directed by Matt Gardiner sang ‘America the Beautiful’ to ‘Imagine’ and were heavenly. Daniel Beatty moved us with his poetry written especially for now—about breath and our inner connectedness. So much more—huge crowds marching in the streets led by our Mayor and council members. When we stand together, we stand a chance.

"It was clear…thank you for a team of citizen activists who were talented and committed and full of spirit. And now the work continues: I hope people do something every day—speak to someone who disagrees with you, sign petition, write a letter…it all lies with us. We are the change we have been waiting for. We can do this. It’s a movement now and we’re in it! A wave that becomes an ocean—there are waves all over the country. We’re starting to feel the ocean now. Good.”

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